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Calice Ligure
Calice Ligure is only a few km from the sea in the inland of Finale Ligure in the province of Savona.

Near to Rialto, a small, quiet village in the hinterland, surrounded by chestnut trees, where there is the "Museo della civiltà Contadina", in which there are interesting farming artefacts and implements used by the rural population in the past.

5 km away there is Finale Ligure, where there is the sea and a small tourist harbour with the possibility of learning to sail and daily sailing cruises around the Ligurian waters. 13 Km further there is Varigotti, a charming Saracen village. We are also close to Finalborgo, Verezzi and Noli which are among the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy. During the second half of August, in Finalborgo, surrounded by still well-preserved medieval walls, the original "Viaggio nel Medioevo" takes place, a marvellous voyage into the Middle Ages. You can also take a fascinating look at Santa Catherina's cloisters where you can find the Archaeological Museum of Finale.

In Summer, at Verezzi in the charming square of Sant'Agostino, overlooking the sea, the famous open-air Theatre Festival takes place. Near Crosa hamlet, there is also an unusual windmill: The "Phoenician Mill". And last but not least Noli, ancient Maritime Republic and fishing village. A stroll inspired by Dante (Canto IV, Purgatorio), takes place every Spring.

Don't forget Manie Plateau with its unique natural and historical environment. A stone's throw from the heights of Perti is an enchanting hamlet where you can find Govone Castle, The Sant'Antonino Castrum, a Byzantine castle and its lovely churches. Not far away is Bardino Nuovo and its curious Tower Clock Museum showing.

70 km away is Genova and Galata, where there is the Museum of the Sea, the biggest Naval Museum in the Mediterranean, where you can discover the interaction between man and the sea. If you love Nature instead then Calice is near to many trekking paths in unspoilt Mediterranean maquis. Bikers can choose among street cycling, mountain biking and downhill cycling. There are also lots of caves to explore, used as shelters by primitive man. Climbers can find rock faces on "Rocca di Perti".

To See in the Village and in the Area.
Take a look at the splendid Baroque Church. In front of B&B's door, under the archivolt, there is an empty tabernacle adorned by two plaster angels.

You can find many restaurants, pizzerias and bars, an ice-cream shop and also a veterinary, pharmacy, two hairdressers, a beauty salon, two markets, a tobacconist, a Bank, a Post-Office a newsagent's and an art gallery. Near the village, there are tennis courts and a small soccer sports ground.

It is worth having a look at the "Pian dei Corsi" Wind Farm. At Perti, you can find a riding-school. The bus-line 35 links the village to the seaside.

Calice was the home of Emilio Scanavino. A Painter who gathered around him many artists between the 60's and 80's. Nowadays the Museum "Casa del Console" exhibits The "Remo Pastori" Civic Collection of Contemporary Art.

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